ISO/CD-TS 15926-6

ISO/CD-TS 15926-6 Industrial automation systems and integration — Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities — Part 6: Methodology for the development and validation of reference data is published as:

The spreadsheet format for reference data defined in ISO/TS 15926-6 is an extension of that used in ISO/TS 15926-4. The reference data for implementing ISO/IEC Directives Annex ST is represented in this format.

The use of spreadsheets for the representation of reference data is temporary "stop gap". In ISO/TS 15926-6 the annotation reference data correspond to columns in the spreadsheet, but the link between the content of the spreadsheet and the columns of the spreadsheet is provided solely by person readable text. It is intended that all the reference data will eventually be represented in OWL. When this is done, the reference data defined by ISO/TS 15926-6 will be instances of owl:AnnotationProperty.

In July 2010, ISO/CD-TS 15926-6 is out for ballot. If there are no substantial comments, then it will go forward to publication in the summer of 2010. If there are substantial comments, then these will be resolved at the meeting of ISO TC 184/SC 4 in October 2010.